What is the Best Way to Mount A TV

wall mount rack

Modern television sets are much thinner and much lighter than old ones – modern technology has made it possible for manufacturers to create units that are very large, yet they weigh so little that even a child can carry them. The technology has also made it possible to install TVs on various horizontal and vertical surfaces, including TV stands, tables, walls, even ceilings. The sets placed on tables or stands use the legs provided with the set, while the owner is required to purchase mounts that feature special designs for the other options. Here is how to decide what is the best way to mount your TV:

  • Mounting the TV on a table or stand – this is the classic way to install your TV and also the simplest way;
  • Mounting your TV on the wall – this will require you to get special wall brackets designed for your TV. There are several ways to mount your TV by using fixed or swiveling TV wall brackets. Each rack type comes with different mounting techniques, most of them requiring some drilling;
  • Mounting your TV on the ceiling – this process will also require you to get special brackets that are able to support the weight of the set safely.