About IEC

Custom Manufacturing:

CUSTOMIEC has been a manufacturer of custom cables for over thirty years. We have made cable assemblies and harness assemblies for Medical, Military, and Aerospace applications (just to name a few). Our collection of drawings include simple some DB25 to DB25 cable assemblies, some ribbon cables (for special needs in floppy and IDE hard drive connections as well as SCSI), some fanout (for use on 10Base-T or 100Base-T hubs, or serial connections that use the Telco or other large connectors), and some wire harnesses (for phone systems, networks, or power supply connections). If you wish to order a custom cable you can make your drawing on our worksheet and then fax it to us, for a worksheet, choose PDF (click here) or DOC (click here), print the sheet, fill it in, and fax it to us at (303) 288-5099.

SVBulkWireOur manufacturing facility is set up to handle single or small quantity orders as well as large quantity. We also have the ability to provide molded assemblies for large quantity orders. If you provide us a drawing, we can build the cable to your drawing. Our technical staff can ask you questions if necessary to be sure you get what you need. We can even let you know whether what you are doing will work or not. As always, we will build the cable according to your drawing. We keep all drawings on file in case you need to order the same cable again.

Each custom assembly we build is checked with our universal continuity tester for any wiring errors before it leaves our facility. Our QC Station has several connectors for testing many different types of cable assemblies. For connectors that are not already on the continuity tester, we can build adapters in order to accommodate just about every connector there is.
We have built harness assemblies for the following areas;

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Communication Networks

Our shop can accommodate both the small and the large quantity orders.
In addition to custom cables, we have also assembled custom patch panels and switchboxes for special applications.

Displays and Racks

If you are a computer store, we can provide you with an inventory of cables and other accessories. We can also provide the racks to display the products. Our racks can vary in size depending on your needs. The up keep of our racks and displays is made easy with our “fax a rack” form. The “fax a rack” form shows a list of items that you carry on your racks or in your stock. The form can be custom made to suit your shop’s inventory. All you have to do is fill a number in the blanks to indicate which items you need to update your stock and fax to us and it will be treated like an order to get you the items you need.