The Benefits of Using Wall Mount Racks

wall mount rack

Wall mount racks are cabinet-style or open frame units used wherever the floor space available for storage is limited. They can be used for housing network equipment in server rooms as well as for settings that require storage solutions capable of supporting bigger loads – here are the major benefits:

  • Optimizing floor space – wall mount racks are great for any environment that requires the storage of more items than the space available on floor permits. The racks practically extend the space available horizontally, but in a vertical direction;
  • More protection for the items stored than with other types of racks – wall mount racks are sturdy and they provide a safe and stable home for the items stored on the racks;
  • Load-bearing capacity – wall mount racks are most often used in server parks, for storing expensive and sensitive servers as well as in warehouses that need storage space for other types of items;
  • Easy installation – installing a wall mount rack is quite simple. Most units come with wall-mount hardware, so all you will need for the installation is a suitable screwdriver for driving in the fasteners and a level to make sure that the rack is parallel with the ground.