The Advantages of Using Custom Cable Manufacturers for Enhancing Electronic Connections

Typically, if you just bought a new TV or computer screen, and you need a VGA to HDMI adapter to connect the two, you don’t need a custom cable or adapter manufacturer to get things done. These types of connections are pretty routine, and you can simply rely on what already exists on the market Read more »

A Look at Buying HDMI Cables: Do Longer HDMI Cables Lose Quality?

You’ve probably heard about the fact that most standard, low-cost HDMI cables fail to produce the necessary quality for crystal clear projection or display, if the cable is too long. This is because signal degradation happens, so that the signal is no longer delivered properly to the device that the cable connects to – such Read more »

Looking Online for a Respected Custom Cable Manufacturer for Specific Connection Requirements

Sometimes you might need to make unexpected connections between your devices that require specific adapters or cables. Suppose you have an old camcorder that only features a firewire connector that doesn’t match anything you have on your computer system. Sometimes and adapter will work to somehow connect it to USB, but firewire adapters can be Read more »

Should You Look to Acquire New Conference Room Audio and Video Technology?

Whether your tech is outdated or you just put together a new office and conference room, and you want to have the best and most recent technological upgrades, buying new conference room audio/video technology can be a great idea for improving your business’ recognition. Even though some business owners might claim that giving presentations in Read more »

What Is the difference Between ODM and OEM and Why Should You Know About It?

There is often a discrepancy in the use of labels such as ODM and OEM when it comes to considering the types of products that one might buy. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer while OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The two terms refer to two completely different approaches to product manufacturing Read more »

What is HDCP

HDCP has to do with digital rights management protocols, which exist to protect content creators against piracy. There are different protocols for different companies and industries, but premises remain the same: DRM blocks some purchases you make for yourself and your devices. If you make a movie purchase on iTunes and you are allowed to Read more »