What is a High Definition Multimedia Interface cable?

The HDMI standard was developed for efficient transmission of HD digital image and multi-channel digital sound through a single cable. The HDMI cable appeared in the laboratory of Silicon Image, in 2000, and quickly became one of the most widespread multimedia interfaces used in residential and commercial sectors. The HDMI interface allows the transmission of Read more »

What are Common AV Accessories?

Analog cables Category RCA-RCA cables XLR-XLR cables (balanced) Mix RCA-XLR cables Headphone cables Phono Cables (Pick-Up) DIN cables Jack-Jack Cables Jack-RCA cables RCA Adapter Cables Subwoofer Cables Scart / Component cables TV Receiver Cables Analog Cables per Meter Headshell, Tonearm Signal Cables Digital cables USB cables Coaxial digital cables AES-EBU cables (balanced) Optical cables (Toslink) Read more »

DSL vs. Cable Modem

Both Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modem services offer high-speed Internet access. Compared to traditional dial-up access, these two technologies open up homes and small businesses to a new realm of possibilities for network connectivity and applications. Video-on-demand, multimedia conferencing, and online gaming are just a few examples of services on the Net that Read more »

Where is a Reputable Place to Purchase Cables?

In the multimedia universe, there is a lot of discussion about the importance of power cables. On the pages of cable manufacturers you can find different explanations about their influence when used for different devices and systems. Some argue by using the electrical characteristics of the materials, others point out how the electrical power reaches Read more »

What Is the Difference Between an OEM and an ODM?

If your company is planning to sell electronic equipment or motor vehicle components, you have surely encountered the terms OEM and ODM. The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, while ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer – here are some features that distinguish the two types of manufacturers. OE manufacturers are companies that produce Read more »