How Can I Connect My Cable Box to My TV?

Cable companies offer great alternatives to receiving broadcasts through satellite dishes, allowing customers to select cable packages that include the programs of interest. The infrastructure uses fiber optic cable that is installed into the ground and cable boxes that need to be placed next to the television sets and connected to the TV. Here is how:

  • Connection through two coaxial cables – you can connect the units after you make sure that your TV as well as your cable box are unplugged. One of the cables will go into the cable box on one end and into the wall-mount outlet on the other, the other one will link the television set and the cable box;
  • Connection through an RCA cable – the process should start with making sure that the cable box and the TV set are unplugged in this case as well. One end of the cable needs to be plugged into the cable box, while the other goes into the TV. You cannot make a mistake – you will be able to identify which end is which by the colors on the jacks on the cable and on the holes in the TV set.

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