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Questions about Custom Cables?

What Are Some Of Our Most Popular Custom Cable Products For Audio?

We can design custom cables for your specific needs and have a background of designing cable systems that work the way you expect.

Custom Speaker Cables: We create speaker cables that are designed to carry large amounts of energy. These custom cables for your speaker are designed to run between speakers and the power source. We custom design the cables with the proper size or gauge of wire to be ideal for your equipment performance and the length of the cable you will be using.  The common approach is to use larger wire for better performance.

Custom Microphone Cables: We use one of two types of wire to microphone cables. We design our custom cables for you microphone to assure that there is no signal loss over 1000 feet of cabling.

Instrument Cables: Our custom cables for instruments are shielded. This means that there is an inner wire that is surrounded by another outside shielding wire. In addition to protecting the inner wire, the shielding wire directs airborne interference away from the custom cable. Instrument cables are meant to connect components that do not have power. This type of custom cabling is not meant to be used for speakers or amplifiers.

How Do You Create High Quality Custom Cables?

We have our own manufacturing facilities that are state-of-the-art because we consistently keep our machine shop up-to-date. Our equipment helps us design and fabricate custom cables that best meet your requirements and specifications.

Our approach to customer service is second to none. We are known to be fast, dependable, consistent and competitively priced. Our staff will support you and will do their best to design the custom cable assembly that meets your needs and stays within the price you have in mind.

Can You Create Any Custom Cable I Need?

We have been engineering custom cable assemblies for many years, across many industries. We have designed cables for medical equipment, industrial businesses, resellers, OEM cables and the computer industry in general.

We have cable assemblies that vary from basic to very sophisticated. Our custom cable types include: LAN/WAN cables, specialty assembly, SCSI, Cat.5 & 5e, router cables, PCMCIA, FireWire, copper, fiber, external, internal, wire harnesses, USB, round, flat ribbon and myriad more.

We recommend you fill out a request for a quote with your business information, custom cable specifications and any files that you desire to provide further specs for our design engineering team.

Are There Limits On The Length Of The Custom Cables We Use?

There are a wide variety of interfaces that are used. The Cable Capacitance Guide shows the capacitance per foot rating for the common wires that we use. We use that information to determine the maximum length for each cable we use in our custom cable production. Click here (connect to the ‘how far can I run my cable blog) for details on each particular type of cable and interface combination and the corresponding recommendations.