Screen (TV, Monitor or Projector) Mounts

Questions about TV Wall Bracket Mounts?

Why Is IEC The Best Manufacturer For TV Wall Brackets and Mounts?

We are experts in the field of TV wall brackets. We care a large selection of full-motion, tilting and low-profile TV wall mounts and have been doing it for a long time. We are very knowledgeable about the best options for any screen, TV monitorĀ  or projector. Our manufacturing facility is right here in the Denver, Colorado area. Some of our TV wall mount products are designed by us and then manufactured offshore for larger volume production.

What Do You Need From Me To Find The Right Screen, TV, Monitor or Projector Mount?

You know what your particular screen mount is and you need to let us know about your business information as well as the specifications for the design of any custom parts for your wall bracket or screen mount. You can send us these specifications via fax or you can scan a document and send it to us via email or upload.

You will find our quotes to be very reasonable when you compare our deliverables and pricing to other TV wall mount manufacturers. The difference maker is that our deliverables and competitive pricing come with our extensive expertise and customer support that is second to none!

What Types Of Screen Mounts Do You Manufacture?

We manufacture a variety of screen mounts and parts. These include, but are not limited to:

  • VESA Adapters
  • Universal Adapters
  • Cabinet accessories
  • Counter Balance Monitor Deskmounts
  • Articulating Screen Mounts
  • Swivel Mounts
  • Ceiling Mounts
  • Large Screen Mounts
  • Projector Ceiling Mounts
What Do I Need To Know TV Wall Bracket Design?

The proper specifications needed for a unique screen mounts are critical to make sure that it works well and effectively. Your particular screen or projector size and use are critical to recommendations for the correct wall bracket application. Please call us if you would like to discuss your needs or send the information to us so that we can recommend the proper wall mount unit for your screen, projector, TV, flat screen, or monitor.

Why Is IEC The Best Place To Find TV or Screen Wall Brackets?

We know the technical specifications to make sure wall bracket that we design so you will receive the right solution that works for your application.

IEC employees take great pride in our guaranteed quality deliverables, our competitive low prices on screen mounts, our speedy delivery, our vast and exhaustive technical support, our specialized teams devoted to large accounts, and our volume discount pricing. We have the depth of knowledge and the systems in place to work with businesses of all sizes. We can design solutions to fill your unique needs and serve big companies that need large orders filled effectively and efficiently.

What Level Of Customer Service Does IEC Provide For Their Clients?

Our focus is on your needs. We incorporate your specs and will design the best screen mount for your situation. If you are in the first phases of your bracket design, we can help you define the solution you need. We offer our engineering expertise to help you launch a prototype.

If you have already completed your prototype and are well into the process with specifications completed for your wall bracket, then we are will be here to deliver samples and quotes for you. We are flexible and will work with you at the stage you are in for your designs.