How Long can HDMI Cable be Before Losing Picture Quality?

Everyone who has a high definition TV or home cinema system is familiar with a HDMI cable.

This cable can be used with audio and video equipment such as Blu-Ray DVDs or HDTVs. Although it looks quite similar with a USB cable, HDMI cable has 19 wires inside. If you wonder what is different about this cable, the answer is that it is designed to transmit content with a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. Its capacity is remarkable especially considering that it represents twice as much as it is necessary to transmit multiple audio-video channels. You can find out more about cable design and uses through IEC.

This HDMI innovation is far beyond what its predecessors used to be. But this is not the only reason why HDMI is superior to everything we knew so far. HDMI represents a digital source, uncompressed, while the other types of cable are analog. This type of cable makes no conversion, as it retains the original digital signal. The result is a clear, clean image and sound at the highest quality, as long as the cable is original and installed professionally. A well constructed HDMI cable does not have active components, which means that it can be used for a very long time and it will not fail outright if it is left untouched.