Types of TV Wall Mounts

TV wall brackets

Flat screen TV sets are designed to blend into their environments, therefore they provide a much better viewing experience when they are mounted on the wall than standing on a table or on a stand. To be able to place your new flat screen on the wall opposite your super-comfy couch, you will need brackets – here are the wall mount types that you can choose from:

  • Fixed brackets – these brackets are affordable, sturdy and durable and they are the easiest to install of them all. Fixed brackets are, as the name suggests, fixed, that is, they don’t allow for any adjustments after they are installed and the screen cannot be adjusted in any direction afterwards;
  • Tilting TV wall brackets – these brackets are also easy to install and they allow for mild, 5-15 degrees adjustments, offering a better viewing experience, especially for short viewers, such as kids;
  • Full-motion brackets – this type of wall mounts allows for the best viewing experience. A full-motion bracket consists of a base that is fastened to the wall and a strong, stable swivelling arm that extends and that practically holds the screen. The installation of these brackets is a bit more complicated than the installation of the other two types and the costs are slightly higher, too, but beside the better view and the superior adjustability, they also offer easier access to the cables.