Where is a Reputable Place to Purchase Cables?

IEC cable distribution

In the multimedia universe, there is a lot of discussion about the importance of power cables. On the pages of cable manufacturers you can find different explanations about their influence when used for different devices and systems. Some argue by using the electrical characteristics of the materials, others point out how the electrical power reaches the devices.

Non-certified cables

Many owners of gadgets and electric appliances want to save money and purchase non-original cables, mainly made in China. But these cables can create problems. First of all, you never know if such a cable will actually work. And neither how long will it work, considering that it can get damaged quite easily. Second, the use of non-certified cables can cause significant damage to the gadget, due to inadequate output voltage and other technical issues.

For example, in the case of an iPhone, using fake and non-certified cables, you can expect the following:

  • your iOS device can be damaged
  • the cable will stop working pretty soon
  • the charging connectors may break, heat or simply not fit the device
  • your device may not sync or charge

For this reason, only cables purchased exclusively from certified and trusted vendors – see here https://iec.net/ – should be used. A good alternative is to buy them directly from the manufacturer.