Simple Ways to Disguise Visible Cords and Cables

A room in which cables are nicely arranged in place provides a sense of order. Homes and working places nowadays have to be comfortable and functional, but without the cables connecting the devices to the electrical system, life would be much more difficult. But what can we do to prevent those high speed 50 ft HDMI cable and others from staying in our way and creating a disorganized aspect of the room?

50 ft hdmi cable

If you feel that cables invade your space and are way too visible, here are some suggestions to mask them, without having to break the walls to integrate them.

One solution to this problem is using plinths along the floor or the walls, which will keep cables hidden. Plinths have a smooth surface and fit in rooms with different designs. They can be painted in any color using solvent-free paint and are easily maintained by dusting with a soft cloth.

Another solution is to use extensions cords with special designs. Curved and elegant, these are the ideal solution for a room decorated with style.

The simplest solution, however, is to purchase a cable organizer. Extremely efficient, this organizer will keep your cables out of sight and perfectly arranged, also protecting them from damage.