What Does Fiber Optic Cable Do?

A fiber optic cable is a special type of cable used for computerized and other digital networks, especially for telecommunication and data networks. The cables consist of multiple strands of very thin glass fibers (usually so thin that they are invisible to the naked human eye or are of the thickness of human hair) encapsulated in special casing and they are, in most cases, installed into the ground.

Fiber Optic CableFiber optic cables contain very thin fibers, but even so, the fibers consist of multiple layers. There are two types of fiber optic cable used today: single mode cables that use laser to generate the light that travels through the cable and multi-mode optical fiber cables that use LEDs for the same purpose.
Fiber optic cables are used extensively, being the cable solutions used for much of the world’s internet, telephone and cable television systems. They are the most advanced solutions used today, offering performance that is superior to wired cables in terms of bandwidth as well as data transmission quality. Fiber optic cables are suitable for transmitting data over very long distances with minimum or no loss and their special construction ensure that they are not as sensitive to interference with other cables as standard, wired cables.