Audio and Video Cables That You’d Commonly Require for a Conference Room

Having the best conference room audio video cables and equipment is an essential requirement if you want your presentations to go smoothly. Whether you’re planning a big presentation and you need a projector, or a large screen smart TV will suffice for what you need, you’ll have to plan ahead and make sure not only that all your devices can be properly connected and interfaced together, but also that you’ll have the right cables for the job.

conference room audio video

There are essentially three types of cables that can be used to transmit digital or analog signals between visual devices like projectors and screens and your computer. These are VGA, HDMI and SCART cables, and each comes with its own standard. One or more of these standards are typically used in devices required by your conference room. Aside from them, there are also regular RCA cables that can connect visual and audio signals to and from just about any type of device, although most newer devices such as LED TVs no longer allow you the option to plug in an RCA cable.

Typically, the three can be interfaced together, and the signal they provide can also be broken down with an adapter to provide you with raw audio and video signals that you can even play back on a regular, older television set using basic RCA cables.

So the possibilities for interfacing them are virtually unlimited. In fact, directly adaptable SCART to HDMI, SCART to VGA and HDMI to VGA cables can be acquired quite easily, along with their counterparts that allow for RCA audio/video signals to be interfaced with any one of the newer standards.