HDMI Cable – High Speed with Ethernet 1 Foot to 65 Feet Long


HDMI High Speed with Ethernet

On Lengths 25 feet and under: 30AWG, OD .29"
On lengths between 30 and 45 feet: 26 AWG, OD .32"
On 50 and 65 feet: 24 AWG, OD .37"
Gold-plated connectors.

(Variation SKUs M5133B, M5133B-01, M5133B-02, M5133B-03, M5133B-1.5, M5133B-10, M5133B-15, M5133B-20, M5133B-25, M5133B-30, M5133B-35, M5133B-40, M5133B-45, M5133B-50, and M5133B-65)

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Weight 0.1 lbs

1 Foot Molded, 1.5 Foot (18 Inch) Molded, 2 Foot Molded, 3 Foot Molded, 6 Foot Molded, 10 Foot Molded, 15 Foot Molded, 20 Foot Molded, 25 Foot Molded, 30 Foot Molded, 35 Foot Molded, 40 Foot Molded, 45 Foot Molded, 50 Foot Molded, 65 Foot Molded

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Questions about HDMI Cables?

Why Is IEC The Best Manufacturer Of HDMI Cables?

We are experts in the field of designing and fabricating custom HDMI cable assemblies and have been doing it for a long time. We are very knowledgeable about the mistakes the inexperienced HDMI cable manufacturers might make. We design our custom HDMI cable products right here in Colorado. Some of our long HDMI cable products are designed by us and then manufactured offshore for larger volume production.

We manufacture high quality custom HDMI cable assemblies for OEM products as well as for resellers of computers. We have a state-of-the-art machine shop with all the latest, critical equipment needed to design, engineer and fabricate the perfect HDMI cable assemblies to fit your needs.

What Do You Need From Me To Manufacture My HDMI Cables?

You know what your particular application is and you need to let us know about your business information as well as the specifications for the design of your custom HDMI cable design. You can send us these specifications via fax or you can scan a document and send it to us via email or upload.

You will find our quotes to be very reasonable when you compare our deliverables and pricing to other HDMI cable manufacturers. The difference maker is that our deliverables and competitive pricing come with our extensive expertise and customer support that is second to none!

What Types Of HDMI Cable Assemblies Do You Manufacture?

We manufacture HDMI cables that apply to a variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessories that are needed for any audio visual application
  • 50 foot HDMI cables that are high speed applications with Ethernet
  • Cabinet accessories
  • Screen ant TV Monitor accessories
  • Connectivity and Accessories for your speakers
  • Video cords, adapters, HDMI extenders, HDMI splitters, converters and switches
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • I/O Cards
  • Power accessories
  • Computer Accessories
  • Connectors and Parts

What Do I Need To Know About 50 Ft. HDMI Cable Design?

The proper cable specifications needed for a 50 foot HDMI cable are critical to make sure that it works well and effectively.  We can design Ethernet cables in the 25 feet or less range, between 30 and 45 feet, and between 50 and 65 feet. We use gold-plated connectors to maximize the quality of our long HDMI cables.

Why Is IEC The Best Place To Find HDMI Cables, Ethernet and Long Cable Assemblies?

We know the technical specifications to make sure a cable that we design, like the commonly used 50 ft. HDMI cable, so you will receive the right solution that works for your application.

IEC employees take great pride in our guaranteed quality deliverables, our competitive low prices on HDMI and ethernet products, our speedy delivery, our vast and exhaustive technical support, our specialized teams devoted to large accounts, and our volume discount pricing. We have the depth of knowledge and the systems in place to work with businesses of all sizes. We can design solutions to fill your unique needs and also serve big companies that need large orders filled effectively and efficiently.

What Level Of Customer Service Does IEC Provide For Their Clients?

Our focus is on your needs. We incorporate your specs and will design the best HDMI cable application for your situation. If you are in the first phases of your cable design, we can help you define the solution you need. We offer our engineering expertise to help you launch a prototype.

If you have already completed your prototype and are well into the process with specifications completed for your HDMI cable assembly, then we are will be here to deliver samples and quotes for you. We are flexible and will work with you at the stage you are in for your cable designs.