PC to Apple Printer Kit with Cable – 6 Foot


PC to Apple Printer Kit with 6′ Cable


Switched from an Apple™ computer to a PC?? You may still be able to use your Apple™ printer with the PC!

This kit contains the cables and instructions to connect an Apple™ printer to a PC type computer. Before purchasing this kit, be sure that the PC and Printer qualify by checking the following;

PC requirementsThe PC needs to be a 286 or greater processor, and needs to have a spare serial (COM) port, this won’t work on the Parallel port.

DB09M serial port

DB25M serial port

DB25F parallel port WILL NOT WORK

Printer requirementsThis cable works on the following Apple™ printers;
* Personal LaserWriter NT
* Personal LaserWriter NTR
* LaserWriter
* LaserWriter Plus
* LaserWriter IINT
* LaserWriter IINTX
* LaserWriter IIf
* LaserWriter IIg

The printer needs to have a DB25F on it for the K1000 to work.

DB25F serial printer

MD08F see K1002

DB09F see K1010


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Weight 0.8 lbs