DVR VCR 21 Inch Wall Mount Lock Box


DVR VCR Wall Mount Lock Box


This Security Lock box is perfect for securing just about any device, from Digital Video Recorders, to sensitive network appliances, and even tower computers. This unique product mounts to just about any wall surface giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive electronics are secure and safe.

We carry one of the strongest DVR boxes available. It is made from heavy gauge steel. The hinge for the door is built into the frame and recessed to prevent tampering. These DVR / VCR Security Lock Boxes allow for up to two 4″ fans to be installed inside.

These DVR / VCR Security Lock Boxes are Made in the USA.

Add the Wall Mount Bracket Kit (K1917002) for added strength.


  • Unique built-in hinge
  • Built-in fan grate prevents tampering
  • 270 degree swing-open door
  • Recessed door prevents tampering
  • Made In the USA

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs