RJ45 4Pr Cat 5e Patch Cord with Anti-snag Strain Relief Boot

$0.70 - $21.22

RJ45 4Pr Cat 5e Patch Cord with Anti-snag Strain Relief Boot



(Variation SKUs L60450, L60450-01, L60450-02, L60450-03, L60450-04, L60450-05, L60450-06, L60450-08, L60450-09, L60450-10, L60450-100, L60450-15, L60450-20, L60450-25, L60450-30, L60450-35, L60450-40, L60450-45, L60450-50, L60450-75, L60451, L60452, L60452-01, L60452-02, L60452-03, L60452-04, L60452-05, L60452-06, L60452-08, L60452-09, L60452-10, L60452-100, L60452-15, L60452-20, L60452-25, L60452-30, L60452-35, L60452-40, L60452-45, L60452-50, L60452-75, L60453, L60453-01, L60453-02, L60453-03, L60453-04, L60453-05, L60453-06, L60453-08, L60453-09, L60453-10, L60453-100, L60453-15, L60453-20, L60453-25, L60453-30, L60453-35, L60453-40, L60453-45, L60453-50, L60453-75, L60454, L60454-01, L60454-02, L60454-03, L60454-04, L60454-05, L60454-06, L60454-08, L60454-09, L60454-10, L60454-100, L60454-14, L60454-15, L60454-20, L60454-25, L60454-30, L60454-35, L60454-40, L60454-45, L60454-50, L60454-75, L60455, L60455-01, L60455-02, L60455-03, L60455-04, L60455-05, L60455-06, L60455-08, L60455-09, L60455-10, L60455-100, L60455-15, L60455-20, L60455-25, L60455-30, L60455-35, L60455-40, L60455-45, L60455-50, L60455-75, L60456, L60456-01, L60456-02, L60456-03, L60456-04, L60456-05, L60456-06, L60456-08, L60456-09, L60456-10, L60456-100, L60456-14, L60456-15, L60456-20, L60456-25, L60456-30, L60456-35, L60456-40, L60456-45, L60456-50, L60456-75, L60457, L60457-01, L60457-02, L60457-03, L60457-04, L60457-05, L60457-06, L60457-08, L60457-09, L60457-10, L60457-100, L60457-15, L60457-20, L60457-25, L60457-30, L60457-35, L60457-40, L60457-45, L60457-50, L60457-75, L60458, L60458-01, L60458-02, L60458-03, L60458-04, L60458-05, L60458-06, L60458-08, L60458-09, L60458-10, L60458-100, L60458-12, L60458-14, L60458-15, L60458-20, L60458-25, L60458-30, L60458-35, L60458-40, L60458-45, L60458-50, L60458-60, L60458-75, L60459, L60459-01, L60459-02, L60459-03, L60459-04, L60459-05, L60459-06, L60459-08, L60459-09, L60459-10, L60459-100, L60459-15, L60459-20, L60459-25, L60459-30, L60459-35, L60459-40, L60459-45, L60459-50, L60459-75, L6045A, L6045A-01, L6045A-02, L6045A-03, L6045A-04, L6045A-05, L6045A-06, L6045A-08, L6045A-09, L6045A-10, L6045A-100, L6045A-15, L6045A-20, L6045A-25, L6045A-30, L6045A-35, L6045A-40, L6045A-45, L6045A-50, L6045A-75, and L6045B)

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Weight 0.15 lbs

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