What is the Difference Between Gold Plated and Regular HDMI Cables?

HDMI cables have different forms and connectors (from A to D) and here is some important information to understand more about the model and the best features.

HDMI type A

This type of HDMI cable is the most common. It is used to connect video game consoles, video game players, Blu-Ray etc.

HDMI type B

It was created in conjunction with the HDMI 1.0 standard from 2002. The model had more pins than the A-type and therefore offered higher resolution (3,840 x 2,400 pixels). At that time, it was intended to be a substitute for the old standard DVI-I, but it was not used commercially.

HDMI cable

HDMI type C

HDMI type C is better known as Mini HDMI cable and has the same functionality as type A, the only difference being the size: about 40% smaller. Mini HDMI has become very common in digital cameras, video cards and tablets.

HDMI type D

Because it is even smaller than the Mini HDMI (about 50% thinner), it is very common to find this connector in compact gadgets, such as action cameras and some smartphone models.

Besides these categories of regular HDMI cables, there is one more, which has nothing to do with the designs or size: gold plated HDMI cables. They sound precious and you may wonder about the difference between these cables and regular HDMI cables. Well, gold plated cables have no advantage except for their durability. Because gold is weather resistant, these cables are more suitable for outdoor use.