What Is a DB19 Connector?

DB19 connectors are made up from 19 pins distributed in two rows, ten pins in one row and nine pins in the second one. The connector was extensively used in the past, for connecting the monitors and disk drives installed on old NeXT and Macintosh computers and for ASCI connections on old Atari units, but have become obsolete – until recently.

db19 connectors

Today, the connectors and the cables that can be attached to them are increasingly in demand by computer enthusiasts looking for ways to keep their old computers running and the old programs that run only on these vintage units enjoyable. The reason why anyone would need DB19 connectors is simple: all connectors are sensitive to impact and the older the unit, the higher the chance that one or more of the pins is broken. Individual socket pins for DB19 connectors are not normally replaced, but complete connector replacement is not very difficult.

While DB19 connectors were in shortage for about a decade, manufacturing has recently started again. The connectors are not yet available in every computer shop, but with a little research, vintage computer enthusiasts can find a supplier form which they can order their special DB19 connector and where cables are available as well.