What Do Custom Cable Manufacturers Do?

Custom cables are nowadays used in many companies for many purposes – whenever two electrical or digital devices need to be connected and their features do not allow for the usage of standard cables, either because of the special needs regarding the data to be transmitted between the two ends or because of the shape, size and technical features of the outputs, custom-made cables are used for the connection.

custom cables design teamThe process of getting custom cables is complex and involves more than simply providing the manufacturer with the specifications, then getting the cables. The process usually involves close collaboration between the client’s product development and custom cables design teams and the cable manufacturer experts to determine the most suitable material and configuration for the cables. A custom cables manufacturer will pay special attention to quality assurance and testing, so the process of getting the right cables will involve a testing phase, too.

Some examples of the fields that need custom cables include the industrial applications that need special communication interfaces to connect unique machines and the testers used to diagnose motorized vehicles and require special communication cables between the computer on which the tester software is run and the computer of the vehicle that is being tested.