Types of Wall Mount Racks

Are you looking for a practical and elegant solution for storing and accessing your IT equipment? If yes, it was created a standardized metal wall mount rack of 19″ (23″ versions are also available but they are not as common, so we will exclude them from this material).

Installing IT equipment in a wall mounted rack

wall mount rack - brackets

You must use two pairs of vertical L rails profile (one in each corner of the cabinet, facilitating the 4 point support of the equipment), provided with square holes for fixing the screws. These rails are present along the height of the rack, representing the only way to mount equipment and accessories in there. The standard width is 19 inches for all models (except 23 inch models) but the depth and height may vary; in some rack models, the depth is adjustable.

For other equipment that was not intended for rack mounting but their size allows this, there are a few accessories available that will help.

The way of introducing the equipment with rack mounting systems (proprietary or purchased separately) is through the front, in most cases. Some equipment also requires lateral access for operation or modifications, as well as rear access, depending on the model of the rack. There may be facilities such as: front/ rear door, detachable side panels, wall or floor mounting.