The Most Common Types of Monitor Ports


A monitor port is a port used for connecting a computer to a monitor to display the output of the computer. The two principal types of connection between the two units are analog and digital. The previous type of connection is an older communication protocol, but the ports needed for it are still provided on many computers. Here are the most common ports available for connecting computers and monitors today:

  • DVI – the abbreviation stands for “Digital Visual Interface” and it is a port that allows for transmitting video data in uncompressed form;

VGA Cable

  • VGA – the acronym for Video Graphics Array, VGA cable is used for analog signals, especially for connecting to video cards. VGA cables have 15 pins arranged in three rows, so VGA ports have the same number and arrangement of pin holes;
  • HDMI – high-definition multimedia interface ports are for transmitting uncompressed digital audio and video data and they are the latest and most commonly available ports today;
  • DisplayPorts – this type of port connects a source and a display device and it can carry not only video data, but audio, USB and various other types of data as well. The port type has been designed to replace DVI and VGA ports.