Surge Suppresser Strip with 6 Stacked Sockets


Surge Suppresser Strip with 6 Stacked Sockets


The outlets are rotated so plugs go vertically;
If you need outlets rotated so plugs are side by side, see our ADP8000;


Electrical: 125 VAC, 15 Amps (15 Amp circuit breaker integrated in switch)
Outlets: 6
Max Surge Voltage: 6Kv
Max Surge Dissipation: 90 Joules
Max Spike Current: 4500 Amps, 25 degrees Celsius
Clamping Voltage: 330 Volts
Clamping Response Time: Less than 1 nanoseconds

Not a lightning arrestor, may not protect against direct lightning strikes. Made for Indoor use only.

(Variation SKUs ADP8000A, ADP8000A-06, ADP8000A-12, ADP8000AB-12, ADP8000ABK, and ADP8000ABK-06)

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3 Foot Black, 3 Foot White, 6 Foot, 6 Foot Black, 12 Foot Black, 12 Foot White