HDMI Female to Female Repeater Economy 100 foot range


HDMI Female to Female Repeater 100 foot range


Use this repeater to connect a video source to a monitor up to 115 feet away (up to 100 from source to repeater and then up to 15 from repeater to display). Supports resolutions up to 1080p or 1920×1200. Ideal for large living rooms, conference rooms where the device and display are too far apart to maintain signal integrity with cables alone. The best configuration would be to put the longer cable between the video source and this repeater. Please see our M5133-100 for a heavy 22 AWG 100 foot cable. Please click here to see all of our HDMI cables.

Please Note:This repeater gets its power from the HDMI video source, DVI sources do not provide power. So this repeater will not work if used with a DVI/HDMI cable adapter to a DVI video source. Also, only one repeater will work in a connection, these repeaters can not be daisy chained.

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