Component over Cat 5 – Transmitter


Component over Cat 5 Transmitter


  • Active amplification ensures high quality transmission
  • Loop output for use of additional CAT5 transmitters
  • Two CAT5 outputs for additional location
  • Discrete passive IR channel for the use of external IR remote control systems

This component video transmitter sends component video over dual Cat 5 cables (shielding not necessary, any Cat 5 patch cable will work). The transmitter has the ability to transmit to one or two receivers. Maximum distance using Cat 5 is 300 feet, Cat 6 can be used to get lengths up to 500 feet. The “Loop Output” can then be connected to either a local video display or HDTV or to another ADP52131 transmitter. Receivers are ADP52132 We also have a transmitter that can transmit to 6 receivers, see our ADP52130 Click Here to see our selection of Cat 5 patch cables.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs