24 Gauge 12 Pair Solid Shielded Plenum Cable


24 Gauge 12 Pair Solid Shielded Plenum Cable


Shielded twisted pair cable is used on LAN connections where the user wishes to shield out excessive electronic noises (power machines or some lights).

Impedance Capacitance Conductor size
100 ohms 22 pf/ft 24 AWG (solid)

This wire has a Plenum jacket.

Pair 1 Blue/White White/Blue
Pair 2 Orange/White White/Orange
Pair 3 Green/White White/Green
Pair 4 Brown/White White/Brown
Pair 5 Gray/White White/Gray
Pair 6 Blue/Red Red/Blue
Pair 7 Orange/Red Red/Orange
Pair 8 Green/Red Red/Green
Pair 9 Brown/Red Red/Brown
Pair 10 Gray/Red Red/Gray
Pair 11 Blue/Black Black/Blue
Pair 12 Orange/Black Black/Orange

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Weight 0.05 lbs