2 Outlets – Remote Power, Automation and Remote Rebooting (Routers, WebCams, Servers, etc)


Automation and Remote Rebooting (Routers


Two Outlet Remote AC-Power Controller; Outlets can be controlled by web browser and other multiple options. The ADP0203 can instantly reboot a router and a modem when a network connection is lost. Reboot network equipment BEFORE it becomes a problem!

  • Saves money by eliminating costly remote site visits
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Improves productivity
  • Minimizes power consumption and extends product life
  • Pays for itself with just one saved truck roll

The ADP0203 is an affordable and cost effective way to re-set lost network connections BEFORE it becomes a problem. The primary feature of the ADP0203 is continuous auto-fault detection. The automatic monitoring feature pings up to six IP addresses and, when loss of connectivity is detected, it will automatically reboot one or both power outlets, typically connected to routers, modems, or gateways — either wired or cellular. The Sequential Power Reset feature activates equipment in the correct order for optimal and consistent results. All this activity takes place without “Help Desk” intervention or a service truck roll. A truck roll is defined as the need to dispatch a technician in a truck to install, move, or somehow reconfigure an item of equipment or a wire and cable system, or perhaps to respond to a service call or network outage. The ADP0203 virtually pays for itself with one saved truck roll or service dispatch.

ADP0203 Remote Rebooter Basic Installation
Other uses:

Use to perform automatic reset of router and modem.

Use as watch-dog to keep internet device alive.

Use to remote control electrical devices.
  For a more “hands-on” technique, troubleshoot and monitor connected devices via your preferred web browser on your tablet, computer, or Smartphone.  Check current power status, reboot, power up/down, program, and review event logs. The ADP0203 can also be programmed to power cycle equipment on a regular daily or weekly schedule to prevent untimely lock-ups at problem sites. If equipment lock-ups are not a problem, the ADP0203 can provide a benefit by allowing equipment to be powered up only when needed. Schedule up to 20 power function events assignable to either or both of the two outlets. Power consumption to connected network equipment is thereby reduced, equipment life is extended, and exposure to malicious hacker threats is minimized. The ADP0203’€™s small footprint (5″ W x 5″ L x 1.5″ H) is ideal for bundling in control cabinets or where rack mounting is unavailable or not feasible. Auto-sensing 120~250VAC, 50 or 60Hz, 10 Amps.